Hip Arthritis

Although we are renowned as being the premiere center for back pain in New York City, Manhattan Rehabilitation Services also offers a diverse range of pain relief and treatment options for other conditions too. When injuries occur or degenerative diseases develop, Manhattan Rehabilitation Services is able to help those afflicted with these ailments get their lives back on track. The best pain management doctors in New York can be found at our clinic and are ready and waiting to help their patients rid themselves of pain once and for all.

One particular disease that affects thousands of older New Yorkers is hip arthritis. This specific variety of arthritis occurs as a result of the hip's weight-bearing properties and cartilage use. Often developed due to a result of injury or natural aging, hip arthritis is a condition by which the cartilage in the hip deteriorates and painful bone spurs grow. Numerous other factors can lead to the development of this condition such as defective cartilage and obesity. Regardless of what has caused the formation of these bone spurs, there are always painful symptoms which define the condition. Chronic pain and restricted movement only increase as more bone spurs develop. Hip arthritis treatment options may include exercise, cortisone injections, and potential hip replacement.