I had a sciatica in my lower back and went to Manhattan Rehab services for 8 sessions in September and October. I've had rehab experiences in the past and this was the best, by far. Maria Sarmiento-Yabut was excellent. She worked out my back and got it back to normal, and then, along with Joshua, led me through a series of stretching and back strengthening exercises resulting in a full recovery! Maria is competent and knowledgeable about the nervous system and gave me advice on what to do outside of the office. The whole staff is very flexible and professional, in terms of scheduling. They even call the day before to remind you of your appointment. I never missed an appointment, but other people did because of work conflicts and they were very accommodating. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend. From beginning to end, my experience was an A++. Going back there if anything else happens to me, at the drop of a hat!