What is a Spinal Infection and How Can it be Treated?

A team dedicated to earning its name as the premiere New York pain management center, the Manhattan Rehabilitation Services staff is dedicated to giving its patients the pain relief that they desperately need. For residents of NYC, back pain is a common problem that may become debilitating if left untreated. At Manhattan Rehabilitation Services, our patients place their trust in the quality care we provide for them as well as the state-of-the-art equipment we use and expert medical specialists that treat them.

One of many spinal maladies which we treat at Manhattan Rehabilitation Services is spinal infection. This serious condition occurs when an infection or illness found in a remote part of the body is carried through the blood to the spinal column. Long after the original illness has come and gone, the infection remains in the column's discs and spreads throughout the vertebrae. This results in pain or deformity which only worsens as discs weaken and collapse due to bacteria growth. If left to run its course, the infection will ultimately cause the bones and disc to collapse upon the spinal cord itself, creating crippling and possibly permanent pain.

While this nightmare scenario may potentially happen to anyone, there are quality medical teams around which can prevent even the most advanced condition from progressing. When you experience lower back spine pain, turn to the trusted staff found at Manhattan Rehabilitation Services for help. What you put off doing today could very well have a dramatic impact on your future health and well-being.


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