Top Spinal Stenosis Doctors in NYC

What is Spinal Stenosis?

Spinal stenosis, is a back pain condition which may affect lower portions of the spine. In a healthy spinal column, nerve roots leave the spine via nerve root canals unrestricted. Spinal stenosis occurs when bone and soft tissues begin to grow over top of the vertebrae and end up covering the nerve root canals. This causes constriction to the nerve roots and can lead to a number of painful and unpleasant symptoms as a result.

What are the Symptoms of Spinal Stenosis?

Sometimes patients with Spinal Stenosis may not experience symptoms associated with the back pain condition. Other times, symptoms may very and can include:

  • A tingling, burning sensation in the back
  • A numbing or pinching which may reach lower extremities
  • Lower back pain

Getting Spinal Stenosis Treatment in NYC

At Manhattan Rehabilitation Services, we provide state-of-the-art equipment and an expert medical team to help patients overcome the pain and symptoms caused by spinal stenosis. Our physical therapists and back pain doctors in NYC are highly experienced in providing pain relief to patients with spinal stenosis and treatments that help fit your life. We utilize non-surgical treatments and can begin seeing you today. Contact us at 212-807-6599 for more information.