Sarah Ha

The admin and PT staff here are absolutely incredible. Eunice at the front desk is a pro! Everyone in the office is patient, kind, and very understanding. I work with Maria and Aaron, who are both very helpful with answering all of my questions and explaining the details of my injury status. They are extremely knowledgeable and describe how the muscles and tendons are connected, how the injury occurred, how it's healing and changing, and what behavior will affect it in the future. It feels like whole body healing, not just a quick fix.


Sheldon Bryan

One of the best physical therapy places I've ever been to. Outstanding services and treatment, I highly recommend them.


Sadie Foster

The team have been absolutely brilliant with assisting my recovery for a back injury. They are always prompt and courteous, and very helpful. I highly recommend the team at Manhattan Rehab.


Karim Lahlou

 I chose to try Manhattan Rehabilitation Services after feeling I wasn't getting the right amount of attention and care at my previous physical therapist for my wrist surgery recovery. The change in quality and attentiveness was immediately apparent, and I made more progress in my recovery in 2 weeks than I had in a whole month at my previous PT office, largely thanks to Maria's commitment to test my limits during each session.

While on the smaller side, the treatment area is kept meticulously clean, and the therapeutic tools are always new and don't show signs of wear and tear. The staff is friendly and will do their best to accommodate your schedule. They also make an effort call you prior to each visit and will begin your treatment minutes after you arrive. I would highly recommend Manhattan Rehabilitation Services to anyone working or living in the Astor Place/Union Square area, as you'd be hard-pressed to find better service and quality of care.


Daniel Laveau

I recommend Manhattan Rehabilitation Services for Physical Therapy. The staff there is knowledgeable and friendly and the schedules are flexible.



I really liked the way I was treated by the entire staff. Very knowleagable therapist and always willing to make the patient feel comfortable and welcomed. The therapist (Maria) is wonderful and the front desk staff are really great and very friendly. I will continue coming back.


Mike Siems

I had a sciatica in my lower back and went to Manhattan Rehab services for 8 sessions in September and October. I've had rehab experiences in the past and this was the best, by far. Maria Sarmiento-Yabut was excellent. She worked out my back and got it back to normal, and then, along with Joshua, led me through a series of stretching and back strengthening exercises resulting in a full recovery! Maria is competent and knowledgeable about the nervous system and gave me advice on what to do outside of the office. The whole staff is very flexible and professional, in terms of scheduling. They even call the day before to remind you of your appointment. I never missed an appointment, but other people did because of work conflicts and they were very accommodating. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend. From beginning to end, my experience was an A++. Going back there if anything else happens to me, at the drop of a hat!


Vicky Foo

I loved going to Manhattan Rehabilitation Services for physical therapy for my ankle. All of the staff are so nice and friendly. Maria, my physical therapist, truly knows what she is doing. She is patient and answered my many questions. She makes friendly conversation and distracts you during sometimes painful exercises.

They truly get to know you and you build relationships with them. You never have to re-explain your condition or what you need help with. I highly recommend their services!


Vashti Sara Hosein

I must say, that it was this facility provided me with exceptional service, more than I thought was possible, the staff there are so friendly made me laugh even when I had excruciating pains, today I am pain free, all Tnx to Dr Mehta and staff, the physical therapists , Carol, Ruby and Joshua, you're the best. Because of you all I am fully functional again.

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